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Nik Sin stands at 3'6'' making him one of the world's smallest and most versatile

little person performers. 


For nearly a decade Nik has been a staple

on the stages of well-known venues around

the country such as The Box, The Slipper Room and Coney Island USA in New York City, and Dante's and the Star Theater in Portland, Oregon.


Nik performs a wide variety of acts from emceeing to sideshow acts to costumed characters. Some of his best-known acts are Mini Marilyn Manson, and his Inverted Straightjacket Escape which makes him the World's Smallest Escape Artist


Nik has also been featured on many national television shows including Celebrity Apprentice, Headbanger's Ball, The Maury

Show, The Jerry Springer Show, Oddities and Portlandia. 


When not performing Nik spends his time involved in the world of fine art as a representative of Red Truck Gallery (NOLA). 

Dealing with art lead Nik into opening up his own restaurant with friends called Lonesome's Pizza in Portland, which promotes independent artists and musicians inside each pizza box.


Nik is currently a resident of Portland.

He performs and hosts events all over the city on a weekly basis including Gothique Blend at The Analog on Mondays, Tiny Tuesday at Lucky Devil Lounge on Tuesdays, the Kit Kat Club on Fridays and Sinferno Cabaret at Dante's on Sundays.


You can book Nik Sin for an event anywhere in the world by clicking the Booking link on the top right. Standard bookings include travel, hotel and per diem. Rates will vary depending on the event.

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